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If you are interested in development of my projects then check the links below.

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Here are the bigger projects I have in development. Check them out!

Games and utilities

Additional gizmos that I created. Hope you like them!

My Blog

How to customize fonts in Minecraft?

Are you tired of the default Minecraft font? Do you want to give your game a unique look? Good news, you can customize your Minecraft font! Versions 1.16 and up allow you to add a custom font file in a resource pack.

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How to optimize Minecraft mods?

Players often find themselves turning to mods to enhance their gameplay experience, seeking improvements in performance that the Vanilla version doesn't quite deliver. But what happens when the mods themselves become a part of the problem?

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I Created Utilities On My Webpage

Discover more info about new helpful things I host on this webpage, the Java Archive Scanner and the PDF Tools Suite.

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The Story of Lowpricer

What if there was a way to stay on top of prices and make informed shopping decisions, even when money is tight? That's where Lowpricer comes in.

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