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How to customize fonts in Minecraft?

Are you tired of the default Minecraft font? Do you want to give your game a unique look? Good news, you can customize your Minecraft font! Versions 1.16 and up allow you to add a custom font file in a resource pack. Here’s how to do it.

Step 1: Create a new Resource Pack folder

First, create a new folder in the Minecraft directory resourcepacks. Name it whatever you want.

Step 2: Create a JSON font file

In the folder you just created, create a file assets/minecraft/font/default.json. This is where you’ll write the code for your custom font. Copy and paste the following code:

  "providers": [
      "type": "ttf",
      "file": "minecraft:<fontname>.ttf",
      "shift": [0, 0],
      "size": 11.0,
      "oversample": 2.0

Each value in this file has some importance:

Step 3: Add a TTF/OTF file

Save the font file in your Resource Pack folder (check file in previous step).

Step 4: Create the pack.mcmeta file

Create another file in your resource pack folder called pack.mcmeta. This file provides information about your resource pack. Copy and paste the following code:

{"pack": {"pack_format": 8, "description": "Custom font file for Minecraft"}}

Step 5: Enable your resource pack

After completed previous steps, launch Minecraft. Select “Options” -> “Resource packs”, and select your resource pack to enable it. Your custom font should now be loaded in the game!

That’s it! You’ve successfully customized your Minecraft font. Experiment with different font files and sizes to create a look that’s unique to you.

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