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Flux – Butcher

Butcher front texture

The Butcher is a machine that is designed to quickly and efficiently kill animals within a 5x5 square area and collect their loot. It operates by automatically detecting and targeting any animals within its range, then killing them and depositing their drops into an inventory located next to the machine.


To use the Butcher, you simply need to place it in the world and supply it with power using Redstone Flux (RF). Once activated, the Butcher will automatically begin targeting and killing animals within its range.

The Butcher is a powerful tool for players who want to quickly and efficiently gather resources from animals. It is especially useful in survival mode, where players often need to gather large quantities of food and materials to survive.

In addition to its practical applications, the Butcher also adds a new layer of automation and convenience to the game, allowing players to focus on other tasks while their animals are being hunted and harvested.

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