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Flux – Flux Generator

Flux Generator side texture

Flux Generator is a machine generating energy by burning fuel and using catalysts, hot and cold fluids. It can generate from 40 F/t (configurable) up to 8000 F/t or even more. It sends energy to neighbor energy tiles at a rate of 40000 F per 3 ticks.

Item values

Each item and fluid has its own factor and usage value. Check the directory for a detailed view of these values. Flux only reads these 3 files for each resource pack.

Adding new items with values works like item tags. You can add your own Flux Generator values to a resource pack (or include it in a mod).

Item values can be saved in two forms:


Catalysts are items used for multiplying energy output.

Hot fluids

Hot fluids make fuel burn longer. Currently only Lava is used.

Cold fluids

Cold fluids make Flux Generator use fuel quicker. Cold fluids speed up whole operation (energy production and fuel burning). Currently only Water is used.

This is a page dedicated to Flux mods available on CurseForge:

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