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Welcome to the Flux (Machinery) docs!

Flux Machinery is a Minecraft mod that adds a variety of item processing and world interacting machines to the game. These machines allow players to automate various tasks, such as smelting ores, crafting items, and farming crops. The mod also includes a range of additional tools and materials that can be used to create and upgrade the machines.


To install Flux Machinery, you will need to have the latest version of Minecraft Forge installed. Once Forge is installed, you can download Flux Machinery and Flux Library from CurseForge, and then place the mod’s files into the Minecraft mods folder.



Processing machines

These types of machines are responsible for making different kinds of items (like ores to dust):

Other machines

These machines can interact with the world:

Other blocks


There is one job type for a villager:

This is a page dedicated to Flux mods available on CurseForge:

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